November 2019 Regional Social Dance

Dance ReferenceVideo 
A Wee Nothin' 8x32J2Brunken, Moments in Time video
Thrum's Cairn 8x32R3Foss, Glendarroch No video found
Midsummer Common 8x32S349-3 RSCDS video
There Be Dragons! 8x32J3Drewry, Greenburn 2 video
Trip to Bavaria 4x32R4McGregor-Brown, Guide to SCD video animation
Snow in Summer 8x40S3Boyd, Southern Cross No video found for
Boyd's Snow in Summer
Wee Cooper of Fife 8x40J2Foss, Dances to Song Tunes video video starts 2min 8sec
Forty and Counting 8x40R352-4 RSCDS video
Queen City Salute 4x64M437-8 video once through as 3c set
Lady Catherine Bruce's Reel 6x32J2Graded 1-7 video animation
Lady Harriet Hope's Reel 8x32R316-4 Newcastle festival video
Balquidder Strathspey 8x32S324-2 video once through animation
Back to the Fireside 8x32R338-4 Newcastle Festival video animation
Spiers Bruce, the Pole Star 8x32J3Goldring, Scotia Suite video