October 2019 Regional Social Dance

The monthly flyers list the dance cribs
Definitive dance instructions are in the cited references
Videos may vary in quality

Lady Catherine Bruce's Reel 6x32J2Graded 1-7 video animation
Trip to Bavaria 4x32R4McGregor-Brown, Guide to SCD video animation
Miss Gibson's Strathspey  8x32S3Leaflets-10 video
There Be Dragons! 8x32J3Drewry, Greenburn 2 video
Forty and Counting 8x40R352-4 RSCDS video
The Dreamcatcher 1x96S4sq45-9 video
Wee Cooper of Fife 8x40J2Foss, Dances to Song Tunes video video starts 2min 8sec
Back to the Fireside 8x32R338-4 Newcastle Festival video animation
Snow in Summer 8x40S3Boyd, Southern Cross No video available for
NZ Snow in Summer
A Wee Nothin' 8x32J2Brunken, Moments in Time video
Montgomeries' Rant 8x32R310-1 video animation
Midsummer Common 8x32S349-3 RSCDS video
The Grumpy Gentleman 8x32J3Jennings, Diamond Jubilee video
Trip to Timber Ridge 8x32R352-12 RSCDS video