Scottish Country Dancers of Colorado



Sundays 4:30 - 6:30pm, Sodal Hall, the Avalon (6185 Arapahoe Rd)

$5 per class

**COVID vaccination preferred but not required**

Contact Sandra Somr, 303 524 9487, Email

Boulder Challenge class

“Stretch your feet and your mind” for intermediate and more experienced dancers

Occurs quarterly, $5, next dance is July 16th, 2023.

Starts earlier than usual at 3.30pm and there is no regular Boulder class.

At the Avalon in Sodal Hall **COVID vaccination is preferred but not required**


Mondays 7 - 9 pm, during school terms,
at the St. Peter & St. Mary Episcopal Church (2nd & Acoma) $5

Contact Jamie MacKinnon, 303 451 7466, Email

Other locations

To be determined

Contact Jeff Davis, 970 223 7730, Email

This is the current covid policy for the Boulder Scottish Country Dance Class at the Avalon. Vaccination is preferred but not required. If not vaccinated we request that you wear a mask. If you are sick or have any symptoms do not come to class even if you wear a mask. Please refer to Avalon Policy for info on reporting covid illness and waiting time or negative test to return to class


Scottish Country Dancers of Colorado meet across the Front Range.

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Beginners of all ages are welcome and no partner is needed to come dance at the classes.

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Weekly Classes